My Experience

Military Leadership Experience

Robertson is a decorated, retired Marine Corps veteran. His military career spanned twenty years of honorable and faithful service. He served in the Marine Corps as an Infantryman, Intelligence Specialist, Antiterrorism Instructor and Recruiter. Robertson participated in numerous missions and operations – to include operations in Haiti, Iraq and Kuwait. He served as an Intelligence Instructor during his final tour of duty. There he trained hundreds of Marines in advanced intelligence analysis. This assignment involved extensive travel to train foreign military forces such as the Polish military general staff and the Estonian Border Forces. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management and Development and Master of Science in Human Resource Management while on active duty.

Relevant Work Experience

Robertson obtained his law degree from Regent University a year after retiring from the Marines. He was then hired as Deputy Director of Operations for Titan Corporation. His job duties involved supervising hundreds of military support linguists that were working throughout the United States, Central America, the Middle East, Europe and Africa during the Global War on Terrorism. Robertson was also responsible for training linguists on the Geneva Conventions – Law of Land Warfare and Rules of Engagements in locations throughout the Arabian peninsula. He was also employed as a senior system engineer for L3 Corporation. There he participated in developing intelligence systems for use with the Marines. In 2006, Vincent began his career as a criminal defense attorney. He opened his law office in Richmond, Virginia and maintained it until his recent appointment as Sussex County’s Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Litigation & Trial Experience

Juvenile Defense Experience Civil

Robertson has extensive experience as a juvenile defense attorney. He has represented juveniles in hundreds of child abuse and neglect cases, relief of custody, truancy and education law related cases. Robertson has represented children with 504 Plans. 504 plans are formal plans that schools develop to give kids with disabilities the support they need. That covers any condition that limits daily activities in a major way. These plans prevent discrimination in education and they protect the rights of kids with disabilities in school. 

Delinquency/Criminal Experience

He also has many years of experience representing juveniles with criminal cases ranging from simple delinquencies to those kids who have been certified as adults for committing major violent felonies. Robertson has participated in hundreds of detention, probable cause, transfer and commitment hearings. He has also participated in jury trials for children that have been certified as an adult to face charges for serious felonies.

Prosecutor Experience

As a prosecutor, Robertson has prosecuted hundreds of cases. He currently tries all major felonies and holds a 100 percent conviction rate. He has well respected by the defense bar as well as the judges that sit in the several courts in Sussex County. He is certified to practice in the U.S. Federal District Courts for the Eastern District of Virginia. He has represented many notable clients, in civil matters as well the most notable being Former Governor L. Douglas Wilder, Virginia’s 66th Governor.

Guardian ad Litem Experience

Robertson has many years of experience serving as a Guardian Ad Litem for both children and incapacitated adults. He has represented hundreds of children with drug and alcohol addictions, mental health diagnoses such as autism, depression, anxiety, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD. 

Judicial Appointments

In additional to his appointment to the Sussex Courts, has received numerous judicial appointments over the course of his legal career. To be eligible for such appointments, an attorney must be found uniquely qualified to receive such an appointment. That qualification includes having the requisite training, experience and the confidence of the Judges that make such appointments. Among his many appointments is his appointment to serve as the Institutional Attorney at Sussex II prison. In that role, he was principally responsible for advising offenders concerning their posttrial relief(appeals) briefs.
Robertson’s most recent judicial appointment is as the Sussex County Commonwealth’s Attorney. He has held that position since April 21 of this year. Prior to his judicial appointment, he served as Sussex County’s Chief Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney and as Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney from 2006 to 2008.

Adult Criminal Defense Experience

He has also represented hundreds of adult defendants in thousands of criminal cases during his legal career. Those cases include simple misdemeanors to major felonies such as rape, robbery and murder. He also has extensive jury trial experience. He has tried criminal cases in state and federal court. His representation experience also includes representing clients charges with white collar crimes such as Medicaid fraud, forgery and embezzlement. He maintains several court-mandated certifications and is qualified to represent adult criminal defendants in every court throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. He served on the Sussex County Court Appointed Counsel list from 2008 – 2012 where he represented defendants on a range of criminal matters such as possession of illegal narcotics, drug distribution, assault and battery and other felonies and misdemeanor cases.


Robertson has prosecuted hundreds of cases. He currently tries all major felonies and his office holds a 100 percent conviction rate. He is well respected by members of the criminal defense bar as well as the judges that sit in the several courts in Sussex County. Robertson has a amassed a reputation as a tough prosecutor who is fair and reasonable.


Robertson has major civil litigation experience. He has taken on Fortune 500 Companies such as FEDERAL EXPRESS and BANK AMERICA.  He has also represented many small businesses in several different areas of business and contract law. Robertson continues to provide pro bono legal services to his home church, as well as several civic and charitable organizations.  Over the course of his legal career, Robertson has represented many notable clients, the most notable being Former Governor L. Douglas Wilder, Virginia’s 66th Governor. He is also licensed to practice before the Judges of U.S. District Courts for the Eastern District of Virginia. 

Chief Law Enforcement Officer

The Commonwealth’s Attorney is a constitutional officer elected to a four-year term. The Commonwealth’s Attorney serves as the chief law enforcement officer for Sussex County. The Commonwealth’s Attorney prosecutes all felony and some misdemeanor cases. In addition, the Commonwealth’s Attorney advises law enforcement agencies, magistrates, grand juries and citizens as to interpretation of the criminal law. In addition, he provides advice and assistance to the Sussex County Sheriff’s Office, The Waverly Town Police, the Virginia State Police, the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, the Animal Control Officer and the Wardens of Sussex One and Two Prison.
He is responsible for coordinating the appointment of special counsel in cases where a conflict arises in his office. He also responsible for working with federal law enforcement agencies, multijurisdictional task forces and for convening special grand juries.

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