Vincent Robertson

My Experience

Military Leadership Experience

Attorney Robertson is a decorated, retired Marine Corps veteran. His career spanned twenty years of honorable and faithful service. He served in the Marine Corps as an Infantryman, Intelligence Specialist, Antiterrorism Instructor and Recruiter. Vincent participated in numerous missions and operations – to include operations in Iraq and Kuwait. He served as an Intelligence Instructor during his final tour of duty. There he trained hundreds of Marines in advanced intelligence analysis. This assignment involved extensive travel to train foreign military forces such as the Polish military general staff and the Estonian Border Forces. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management and Development and Master of Science in Human Resource Management while on active duty.


My mission as the Commonwealth’s Attorney is to ensure that there is equal justice under the law and to keep our community safe. Unnecessary incarceration wastes taxpayer dollars, damages families, divides communities, and does not reduce but can even increase crime. We can and must do better and I am committed to doing so. I plan to build on the progress of the past six months by instituting even more improvements in our office’s practices and only supporting changes to our laws that achieve both safety and justice. I am committed to transparency and accountability as your Commonwealth’s Attorney.

I commit to working together with everyone in Sussex County to achieve:

  • Fair and diligent prosecution and appropriate punishment.
  • Heightened community engagement by my office.
  • Promoting and strengthening positive relationships between law enforcement and County residents.
  • Increased funding for law enforcement for more personnel and better training and equipment.
  • Lower incarceration through performing service work that aids in the betterment of our community.
  • Fighting for reasonable legislation that protects victim’s rights.
  • Tough sentences for violent crimes – particularly crimes children or involving the use of firearms.
  • Providing for safer schools and social welfare programs that aid our children’s growth and development.
  • Instituting programs to reduce crime in Sussex I and II prisons.

Plans & Accomplishments

Commonwealth’s Forum on Crime in Sussex prisons

Shortly after being appointed as Commonwealth’s Attorney we got busy instituting major policy initiatives for this office. We called on the Wardens, their staff and other key leadership figure from the Department of Corrections to meet and discuss ways to reduce crime in the prisons. The meeting was highly successful and will be used as a model for other jurisdictions that are responsible for prosecuting criminal activity in their jurisdictions Since instituting this plan, we have managed to increase successful prosecution of crimes committed in the Sussex prisons. We recently asked the Grand Jury to give us twenty-five indictments for the Sussex prison and they did just that. We believe that these indictments and the subsequent successful prosecutions will significantly deter further attempts to commit crimes in the prison.

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